K.U Cleaning Service

2A-2, Jalan Jubli Perak 22/1,
Seksyen 22,
40400 Shah Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia.


K.U Difference

What is the K.U Cleaning Difference?
The K.U Cleaning Difference is what helps us stand out from the other 'ordinary' cleaning companies. Our professionalism and knowledge sets us apart from the rest and has it's foundation in "The Three Ps' of the K.U Difference:

  • Our People
  • Our Processes
  • Our Product

The K.U Cleaning People
At K.U Cleaning we consider three things to be of the utmost importance with regard to our staff:
  • Training
  • Ownership and responsibility
  • Presentation and manner
Good and comprehensive training provides the basis for proper execution.
At K.U Cleaning our training is two fold:
  • Regular in-house training and seminar sessions.
  • Recognised, independent courses such as the 'British Institute of Cleaning Science' (BICSc) training courses.

Ownership and Responsibility.
Taking ownership. This fundamental concept provides the basis for our work and the K.U Cleaning Difference. All our Cleaning Team understand they are responsible for their work.

In addition, every individual site has a Team Leader who is responsible for that site. This sense of ownership and responsibility has a dramatic impact on the pride our on-duty cleaners take in their work.

Presentation and manner
When you have visitors in your building you like to know who they are. Every K.U cleaner wears their personal ID badges and K.U Cleaning company uniform at all times.
Our staff are instructed to be pleasant, polite and helpful at all times.

Cleaning Products for a K.U Cleaning
Of course, the power of the ‘people’ and the ‘processes’ are enhanced when the products – the equipment and the chemicals they use – are the best available.

At K.U Cleaning a part of our Difference is our commitment to using the best available equipment and chemicals so our team deliver a thorough and efficient job - day in, day out.

Examples of our commitment to the best include:
  • Our sourcing of the latest, most hygienic washroom equipment.
  • The separate use of buckets and mops.
  • We source and use chemicals of the highest grade and quality.
In the interest of safety every site where chemicals are stored has an active MSD – Material Safety Data sheet. These sheets provide important information regarding the chemicals, storage requirements, and first aid.