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Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

We offer a complete Floor Service using the most advanced technology and equipment in the market today.
Our Floor Cleaning process ensures our customers floors sparkle with a long lasting shine.
  1. Stripping-  Removing old wax, dirt, hair and lint from floor
  2. Neutralize rinse- Neutralize rinse to prepare the floor for seal.
  3. Seal- Coats the bare floor preparing for the waxing process.
  4. Wax- Like Frosting a cake multiple coats are appplied to protect and enhance appearance.
  5. High Speed Polishing - Polishing heats the freshly finished floor spreading the wax like warm Butter creating the Glass Table Shine.
Floor Stripping
Floor Stripping removing all old wax, dirt, hair, and lint from the floor.
Rotary Scrubber is used along with a course black scrubbing pad.
Stripper is splashed on the floor causing the old wax to cake up.
Rotary Scubber removes old caked on wax.
Tilting the scrubber to clean the High and Low spots on the floor.
Edges and Corners are razor bladed to remove grime and wax build-up.
Floor Stripping is followed by a Neutral Rinse.

Floor finish is applied to protect the floor from nicks and scratches which  optimzes appearance.
K.U Cleaning uses various types of waxes and seal.  Depending on the Customers perference.
Retail Stores, Showrooms, and Hospitals Floors that require a Brillant Long Lasting shine require Floor Wax with Higher Solids.  Soilds is what makes the wax harder and more durable.
To obtain the GLASS TABLE LOOK on Tile and Concrete Floors K.U Cleaning uses High Solid Wax with multiple thinly applied coats air dried with fans.  The fans cause the wax to dry faster which produces harder finish.
Like Frosting a cake the wax is applied  with smooth even strokes.
Starting with a Hair Pad and finishing with a Soft White Buffing pad the wax is High Speed Buffed between coats causing the wax to spread like warm butter.

High Speed Polishing heats newly finished floors spreading the wax like warmbutter creating a high gloss appearance.
K.U Cleaning uses course hair buffing pads between the first fewcoats followed by soft buffing pads to achieve a wet look shine.